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Đáp án Bài tập Phát âm tiếng anh nâng cao – Unit 12: Hậu tố và dấu nhấn từ (2)

Stress Stress (within a word) The nature of stress Levels of stress - ppt  video online download

12.1 (Canada)

1 (being hostile to something) hostility

2 (when someone is prosecuted) prosecution

3 (being willing to cooperate) cooperative

4 (a newspaper article giving the editor’s opinion) editorial

5 (when people speculate to make a profit) speculation

6 (acting on impulse) impulsive

7 (being familiar with something) familiarity

8 (to do with photography) photographic

The word with a suffix which is an exception to the rule given at the beginning of A is ‘co’operative’. (It doesn’t have stress on the syllable immediately before -ive.)


/tʃən/ (e.g. suggestion)

/ʃən/ (e.g. education)

/ʒən/ (e.g. decision)

combustion, congestion, digestion, exhaustion

accommodation, celebration, comprehension, depression, expression, suspension

erosion, explosion, invasion, revision


resident             performance             defiant             convergence             reference

excellence             correspondent             assistant             maintenance             applicant

coincidence             informant             acceptance             insistence            significance

The exception is ‘excellence’. The syllable before the suffix -ence ends in ‘ell’ (VCC) and so stress would be on this syllable if the second rule in B were followed. (Note that ‘excellent’ is also an exception.)


The words with the same (S) stress pattern as their root are:

de’fiant (de’fy)                                  con’vergence (con’verge)            ,corre’spondent (,corre’spond)

as’sistant (as’sist)                             in’formant (in’form)                        ac’ceptance (ac’cept)

in’sistence (in’sist)

The words with a different (D) stress pattern from their root are:

‘reference (re’fer)           excellence (ex’cel)                          ‘maintenance (main’tain)

‘applicant (ap’ply)            co’incidence (coin’cide)                                 sig’nificance (‘signify)

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